What is São Pedro Café?

São Pedro Café is a coffee importing and roasting company in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.  We import gourmet arabica beans that have been sorted, tested, and graded by partner Andre Ferro. The coffee is grown in the São Pedro region of Minas Gerais, an area of Brazil known for high quality coffee beans.

We decided to start this company because Andre and Peter grew up together in Brazil.  Andre’s father worked 53 years in the coffee industry.  They played in the coffee warehouses as children.  Peter lived with Andre’s family and learned a lot about coffee.  Andre has spent 20 years working in the coffee industry for a variety of coffee companies.  He is a certified Quality Grader.  He knows the farmers and can select the finest coffee in the region.  He can roast delicious and smooth coffee and can create custom blends for discerning clients.  Cheri and Peter enjoy building companies and are entrepreneurs at heart. They also love coffee. Together, we are excited to bring high quality, delicious and smooth coffee to the United States.

Our company roasts medium, dark, tradicional, and espresso roasts.  You can buy our coffee online for shipping directly to your home or at various retailers around town listed on our site. We also sell wholesale coffee to restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, or businesses.  You can create a private label coffee for your business or organizational fundraiser. We welcome you to schedule an appointment with us in our coffee tasting room to see how the coffee is roasted and taste a sample cup for yourself.  We hope you enjoy our coffee.  

Andre, Peter, and Cheri